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Every day a lucky winner is chosen to recieve L$100, completely free. If you've typed your username in, you are automagically entered into the lottery every single day. In order to claim your prize, however, you need to come back and check if you have won. Good luck!


If the winner of the day forgets to check in and doesn't claim their prize, it gets rolled over to the next day. For example, if today's prize is L$100 and it isn't claimed, tomorrow's prize will be L$200 and then L$300 and so on. Make sure you check in daily so you don't miss out.


Every day you check in to see if you won, you get an extra L$1 in prize money that gets added to your bonus. When you win, you get both the winnings and your bonus. For example, if I win L$200 for the day and my bonus is L$57, I will get L$257 sent to my account.

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